RSAC 2018 IoT Panel

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IoT Safety Architecture & Risk Toolkit updated 2/24/20

Thanks to the massive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), society is realizing significant benefits with the promise to revolutionize the way we live and work. A plethora of devices has enhanced many aspects of our lives. Yet there is the potential for these "smart devices" to flip lives upside down if proper security, safety and privacy measures are not embraced.

Faced with undefined design norms, the risk to society could become overwhelming. The risk expands beyond a device security to user's privacy and potentially their physical safety. Left unchecked, we risk the threat of IoT hazardization, the risk of physical and life-safety damages.  In response, the Agelight Advisory Group working with stakeholders in the public and private sectors, developed the IoT Safety Design Architecture and Risk Toolkit (IoTSA).  Built on the foundation of seven guiding tenets, the IoTSA harmonizes dozens of efforts focusing on forty-five principles, which provide prescriptive guidance to increase the trustworthiness of connected devices. Read More > 

Recent  White Papers, Presentations & Public Comments

  • ISTA White Paper - June 18, 2020 (PDF)
  • Submission to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission RFC - April 23 (PDF)
  • Submission to U.S. Dept of Commerce / NIST NISTIR-8200 RFC - April 14 (PDF)
  • Submission to UK IoT Safety By Design RFC  - April 20 (PDF)
  • RSA Conference 2018  - IoT Safety & Hazardization Panel Presentation with U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, U.S. Federal Trade Commission & Consumers Union and Agelight Advisory Group - April 18 (PDF)
  • RSA Conference 2018- CIO's Guide to Managing IoT Risk with US Postal Service, Standard Chartered Bank & SecurityScorecard & Agelight Advisory Group - April 17 (YouTube Video)